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PyRK is a python package for nuclear reactor kinetics. It uses a point reactor kinetics model and provides an object oriented simulation environment intended for transient simulations for reactors. It should perk you right up, like a good cup of coffee.

PyRK welcomes your contributions. It already relies on many libraries in the Scientific Python ecosystem including numpy, scipy, pint, and matplotlib.

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PyRK is available under the open source BSD 3-clause License.


PyRK was originally developed for analysis of accident transients in the Pebble-Bed, Fluoride-Salt-Cooled, High-Temperature Reactor (PB-FHR) design. It was originally written by Kathryn Huff who is supported by the Nuclear Science and Security Consortium (NSSC) as well as the FHR Project and the Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS) at Berkeley. Colleagues that contributed feedback in this endeavor include Xin Wang, Per Peterson, Ehud Greenspan, and Massimiliano Fratoni at the University of California Berkeley.