Source code for pyrk.materials.sfrmetal

from utilities.ur import units
from density_model import DensityModel
from materials.material import Material

[docs]class SFRMetal(Material): """This class represents SFR Metal fuel. It inherits from the material class and possesses attributes intrinsic to SFR metal fuel, as reported in T. Sofu, A review of inherent safety characteristics of metal alloy sfrmetal-cooled fast reactor fuel against postulated accidents """ def __init__(self, name="sfrmetal"): """Initalizes a material :param name: The name of the component (i.e., "fuel" or "cool") :type name: str. """ Material.__init__(self, name=name, k=self.thermal_conductivity(), cp=self.specific_heat_capacity(), dm=self.density())
[docs] def thermal_conductivity(self): """SFRMetal thermal conductivity in [W/m-K] """ to_ret = 0.16*units.watt/(units.centimeter*units.kelvin) return'watt/meter/kelvin')
[docs] def specific_heat_capacity(self): """Specific heat capacity of SFRMetal [J/kg/K] actually depends on temperature pretty strongly. TODO, Issue #4 The CODATA equation gives the relation: .. math :: c_p &= 1.6582 - 8.4790\\times10^{-4}T\\\\ &+ 4.4541\\times10^{-7}T^2 - 2992.6T^{-2} Below is a constant estimate of sfrmetal cp at temperatures around 400C based on table 1.1-5 in """ to_ret = 0.17*units.joule/(units.g*units.kelvin) return'J/kg/kelvin')
[docs] def density(self): """ SFRMetal density as a funciton of T. [kg/m^3] """ return DensityModel(a=14.1*units.gram/**3, model='constant')