pyrk.neutronics module

class pyrk.neutronics.Neutronics(iso='u235', e='thermal', n_precursors=6, n_decay=11, n_fic=0, timer=<timer.Timer object>, rho_ext=None, feedback=False)[source]

Bases: object

This class handles calculations and data related to the neutronics subblock

dpdt(t_idx, components, power, zetas)[source]

Calculates the power term. The first in the neutronics block.

  • t_idx (int) – the time step index
  • components (list of THComponent objects) – the THComponents making up this reactor
  • power (float.) – the current reactor power in Watts (timestep t-1 ?)
  • zetas (np.ndarray.) – the current delayed neutron precursor populations, zeta_i
dwdt(power, omega, k)[source]

Returns the change in decay heat for $omega_k$ at a certain power

  • power (float, in units of watts) – the reactor power at this timestep
  • omega (float, in units of watts #TODO check) – $omega_k$ for fission product decay heat group k
  • k (int) – the fission product decay heat group index
dzetadt(t, power, zeta, j)[source]

Calculates the change in zeta over time at t for j

  • t (float, units of seconds) – time
  • power (float, in units of watts) – the reactor power at this timestep
  • zeta (float) – $zeta_j$, the concentration for precursor group j
  • j (int) – the precursor group index
feedback = None

feedback (bool): False if no reactivity feedbacks, true otherwise


A recorder function to hold reactivity in each component

reactivity(t_idx, components)[source]

Returns the reactivity, in $Delta k$, at time t :param t_idx: time step that reactivity is calculated :type t_idx: int, index :param t_idx_feedback: time step that temperature feedback starts :type t_idx_feedback: int, index :param components: thermal hydraulic component objects :type components: list of THComponent and/or THSuperComponent objects


A recorder function to hold total and external reactivity