pyrk.materials.flibe module

class pyrk.materials.flibe.Flibe(name='flibe')[source]

Bases: materials.material.Material

This class represents FLiBe. It inherits from the material class and possesses attributes intrinsic to flibe.

Reference: Williams, D. F., Toth, D. M. and Clarno, K. T. Assessment of Candidate Molten Salt Coolants for the Advanced High-Temperature Reactor (AHTR).s.l. Oakridge National Laboratory Technical Report, March 2006. ORNL/TM-2006/12. Sohal MS, Ebner MA, Sabharwall P, Shape P (INL). Engineering Database of Liquid Salt Thermophysical and Thermochemical Properties. INL/EXT-10 18297. March 2010. Allen, T. Molten Salt Database,, Nuclear Engineering and Engineering Physics Department, University of Wisconsin. 2010 P. Bardet et al. Dynamics of liquid-protected fusion chambers. Fusion science and technology, vol 47, 2005.


FLiBe density as a funciton of T. [kg/m^3]


Specific heat capacity of flibe [J/kg/K]


FLiBe thermal conductivity in [W/m-K] TODO:k= 0.7662+0.0005T (T in celsius)