pyrk.materials.graphite module

class pyrk.materials.graphite.Graphite(name='graphite')[source]

Bases: materials.material.Material

This class represents graphite materials. It inherits from the material class and has attributes intrinsic to graphite.


Graphite density for H451 nuclear grade graphite is 1740kg/m^3.

A constant density model appears sufficiently accurate according to most sources - Andreades et al in particular:

Andreades, C., A.T. Cisneros, J.K. Choi, A.Y.K Chong, David L. Krumwiede, Lakshana Huddar, Kathryn D. Huff, et al. 2014. Technical Description of the Mark 1 Pebble-Bed, Fluoride-Salt-Cooled, High-Temperature Reactor Power Plant. Thermal Hydraulics Group UCBTH-14-002. FHR Project. Berkeley, CA: University of California, Berkeley, Department of Nuclear Engineering.

Note that in the dissertation by M. Fratoni, this number is reported as “1.74 kg/m^3”. However, this is a units error. The number intended by that document was 1.74 g/cm^3, which corresponds to this model.


Specific heat capacity for H451 graphite [J/kg/K] For H451 Graphite, the specific heat capacity at normal operating temperatures for this reactor is approximately 1650 [J/kg/K]

The temperature dependent model arrived at in Ortensi et al is :

\[\begin{split}c_p &= (0.54212\\ &- (2.42667E-06)\times T\\ &- (9.02725E+01)\times T^{-1}\\ &- (4.34493E+04)\times T^{-2}\\ &+ (1.59309E+07)\times T^{-3}\\ &- (1.43688E+09)\times T^{-4}\times 4184\\\end{split}\]

Ortensi, J., M. A. Pope, G. Strydom, R. S. Sen, M. D. DeHart, H. D. Gougar, C. Ellis, et al. 2011. ‘’Prismatic Core Coupled Transient Benchmark.’’ Transactions of the American Nuclear Society 104: 854.


Graphite thermal conductivity in [W/m-K] For H451 nuclear grade graphite:

Parallel to forming axis: 150 W/m-K Perpendicular to forming axis: 135 W/m-K

Burchell, T.D. 2001. ‘’Nuclear Graphite and Radiation Effects.’’ In Encyclopedia of Materials: Science and Technology (Second Edition), edited by K.H. Jurgen Buschow, Robert W. Cahn, Merton C. Flemings, Bernhard Ilschner, Edward J. Kramer, Subhash Mahajan, and Patrick Veyssiere, 6310-19. Oxford: Elsevier.

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